**Vanpools actively looking for riders are shown in BOLD and GREEN.
**TacomaTukwila5:30am - 2:30pmBoeingFerrell Hudson 206-544-3129Narrows P&R<BR />Boeing-DC/Oxbow View Route
Bonney LakeRenton5:30am - 2:00pmBoeingMarvin Tillmarvin.e.till@boeing.com253-310-3123Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
LaceyTacoma7:00am - 5:00pmCity of TacomaEd Bolibol 253-591-5041Wal-Mart<BR />Tacoma Enviromental Services<BR />City of Tacoma-Municipal Bldg View Route
**Gig HarborAuburn5:30am - 2:30pmBoeingMike Andersonmichael.r.anderson2@boeing.com206-595-2999North Gig Harbor P&R<BR />Narrows P&R<BR />Boeing - Auburn View Route
University PlSpanaway7:30am - 4:00pmPierce CountyEugene Swanson 253-474-2841University Place Library<BR />Marshall's<BR />Pierce County Centra View Route
PuyallupTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaMark Percympercy@ci.tacoma.wa.us253-502-8414South Hill P&R<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
**BuckleyTacoma7:00am - 3:30pmCity of TacomaRaymond Pia 253-863-4228Intermediate Stop<BR />Bonney Lake North Park and Ride<BR />Safeway<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
TacomaBothell7:00am - 3:30pmATTJoyce Nelsonjn6984@att.com360-344-6192Federal Way Transit Center<BR />Allstate<BR />AT&T Bothell 7 View Route
Gig HarborTacoma7:00am - 4:00pmCity of TacomaLoAnn Rectorlrector2@cityoftacoma.org253-396-3116Intermediate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma Municipal BLDG<BR />Tacoma Convention Center<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
TacomaBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSRichard McMillan 360-476-5264Immanuel Celebration Church<BR />Safeway<BR />Narrows P&R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
Bonney LakeSeattle6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingLouis Tutino 206-544-8467Bonney Lake North<BR />Boeing - Plant 2 View Route
TacomaSeattle6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingJens Armourjens.c.armour@boeing.com253-226-9137Boeing Plant 2/NBF<BR />Boeing Flight Operations View Route
LakewoodBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSMichael Lynch 360-476-0164Jack in the Box<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Narrows P&R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
Port OrchardTacoma11:00pm - 7:00amPierce CountyDavid Graham 253-798-4036McDonalds<BR />Pierce County Sherif View Route
BellevueTacoma8:00am - 5:00pmDSHSPedro Choupedro.chou@cityoftacoma.org253-573-2351Newport Hills P&R<BR />Tukwila P&R<BR />Landau & Associates<BR />Catholic Health Initiatives-Franciscan<BR />City of Tacoma - MSC/TV<BR />City of Tacoma County City Bldg. View Route
TACOMAEverett6:00am - 4:30pmBoeingErnie Whiteernest.white@boeing.com425-965-4792Federal Way Transit Center<BR />Boeing View Route
Federal WayBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSJohn Immjohn.imm@navy.mil253-334-6189South Federal Way P/R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
TACOMARenton3:00pm - 11:30pmBoeingJC Armbruster 360-250-2619Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
Fox IslandLakewood6:00am - 2:30pmPierce TransitGene McPhersongmcpherson@piercetransit.org253-984-8159intermediate Stop<BR />Kimball DR P&R<BR />Pierce Transit - Lakewood View Route
TacomaRenton6:30am - 3:00pmKenworthAnn Podvinatrojovsky@comcast.net253-686-8308Intermadiate Stop<BR />Federal Way Transit Center<BR />Kenworth Truck Compa View Route
PuyallupSeattle6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingPaul Baer 253-777-8512Fred Meyer<BR />safeway<BR />Boeing - Plant 2 View Route
** Tacoma7:30am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaScott Millssmills@cityoftacoma.org253-377-3103City of Tacoma - Enviromental Services<BR />City of Tacoma - Center for Urban Waters View Route
**Gig HarborRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingDon Young Jr.donald.r.young@boeing.com253-857-6757North Purdy Crescent<BR />Kimball DR Park and Ride<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
GrahamTacoma7:00am - 3:30pmCity of TacomaMichael Blake 253-312-7730Intermadiate Stop<BR />Taco Time<BR />City of Tacoma - Enviromental View Route
SpanawayDupont8:00am - 4:30pmState FarmTammy Locati 253-912-7080Sound LIfe Church<BR />State Farm Insurance - Dupont View Route
Gig HarborTukwila5:30am - 2:30pmBoeingChris Nelsonchris.b.nelson@boeing.com206-544-2337Kimball Drive P&R<BR />Boeing Customer Service Center<BR />Boeing DC/OXBOW<BR />Boeing-Plant II View Route
OrtingRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingRandy Heyne 253-230-3020Safeway<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
Gig HarborBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSFrederick Berry 253-208-2973Kimball DR P&R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
BremertonTacoma6:30am - 5:00pmCity of TacomaRichard Barrutia 360-479-6139Purdy Crescent P&R<BR />Tacoma Public Utilities<BR />Tacoma Fire<BR />Davita<BR />City of Tacoma-Municipal Bldg View Route
**PuyallupSeattle5:30am - 3:00pmBoeingBret Coreybret.l.corey@boeing.com206-544-0424South Hill P&R<BR />Sumner Station<BR />Boeing-Military Flight Center<BR />Boeing DC/OXBOW<BR />Boeing Southpark<BR />Boeing Southpark - ASL BLDG View Route
**Bonney LakeTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaKeith Brown 253-230-2774Bonney Lake (South) P&R<BR />Tacoma Police Headquarters<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
University PlaceTacoma7:30am - 4:00pmCity of TacomaRonda Martin 253-502-8445Intermediate Stop<BR />Pick up Point<BR />Pick up point<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
**Gig HarborRenton5:30am - 2:00pmBoeingBrian Cartwrightbrian.h.cartwright@boeing.com425-529-8906Kimball P&R<BR />Narrows P&R<BR />Boeing - Garden Plaza<BR />Boeing View Route
TacomaSeatac3:30am - 12:30pmTSAPaula Hoover 253-312-4076Federal Way Transit Center<BR />TSA - SeaTac Airport View Route
PuyallupRenton5:00am - 1:30pmBoeingLincoln Holcomblincoln.v.holcomb@boeing.com425-736-3414Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
**South HillRenton6:30am - 3:00pmKenworthWally FeliceWally.felice@paccar.com425-227-5911South Hill P&R<BR />Kenworth Trucking Co View Route
SpanawayTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaJeff Staffordjstafford@cityoftacoma.org253-502-8940Intermadiate Stop<BR />Sound LIfe Church<BR />Pierce County Tacoma Annex<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
South HillTacoma7:30am - 4:30pmMulticareBrian Moenbrian.moen@multicare.org253-459-7458Wal-Mart<BR />City of Tacoma - Muni BLDG<BR />Group Health Cooperative<BR />Tacoma General Hospital<BR />Multicare - Informat View Route
PuyallupTukwila6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingTom Loewentloewen@yahoo.com253-691-4019Safeway<BR />Cross streets<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Boeing DC/OXBOW<BR />Boeing Plant 2/NBF View Route
TacomaRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingDan Dawesdaniel.s.dawes@boeing.com253-302-1065South Federal Way P&R<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
Bonney LakeRenton6:00am - 2:30pmDCAARosean Shorttfourshortt@yahoo.com253-310-7067Bonney Lake North P&R<BR />Red Apple Market<BR />Defense Contract Audit Agency <BR />Boeing View Route
**Bonney LakeSeattle6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingDavid McNeelydavid.k.mcneely@boeing.com206.653.6594Bonney Lake North<BR />Boeing DC/OXBOW<BR />Boeing - Plant 2 View Route
**PuyallupSeattle2:00pm - 11:30pmBoeingRobert Held 253-370-0898Costco<BR />Boeing - Plant 2 View Route
ArtondaleTacoma8:30am - 5:00pmMulticareRobin Bachmeierrobin.bachmeier@multicare.org253-686-6359Kimball Drive Park and Ride<BR />Allenmore Hospital<BR />409 Bldg<BR />Multicare Health-Tacoma Genera View Route
South HillRenton5:30am - 3:00pmBoeingRon Gunnellsronald.p.gunnells@boeing.com425-234-6892South Hill P&R<BR />Boeing<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
LakebayTacoma6:30am - 4:00pmCity of TacomaSharon Skaggs 253-278-9493Key Peninsula Shell Station<BR />Key Peninsula Fire Dept. #47<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma TPU<BR />Pierce County Public Works View Route
PuyallupTacoma7:00am - 3:30pmCenter for Urban WatersMark Stafford 253-502-2110Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma - Center for Urban Waters<BR />City of Tacoma - Environmental Services View Route
**LongbranchLakewood7:30am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaKathryn Wellerkweller@ci.tacoma.wa.us253-502-8064Intermediate Stop<BR />Shell Gas <BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />NORTH PURDY/PURDY CRESCENT PARK AND RIDE<BR />CITY OF TACOMA -TPU<BR />PIERCE TRANSIT View Route
EatonvilleLongmire6:00am - 5:30pmNational Park ServiceJulie Hoverjulie_hover@nps.gov360-569-2211Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Mt Rainier Nat'l Park - Tahoma Woods<BR />Mt Rainier Nat'l Par View Route
Gig HarborTacoma7:30am - 4:00pmPierce CountyScott Sissons 253-798-2758North Gig Harbor P&R<BR />Tacoma Annex<BR />Tacoma Public Works View Route
South HillRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingTom Piekthomas.c.piek@boeing.com206-662-2374Safeway<BR />Fred Meyer<BR />Summner Sounder Station<BR />Boeing - Garden Plaza Building 10-16 View Route
TumwaterTacoma7:00am - 3:30pmCity of TacomaDerek Buttertondbutterton@outlook.com360-878-0497Costco<BR />Sounder Station<BR />City of Tacoma - Enviromental View Route
TacomaKeyport6:00am - 3:30pmUS NavyBarbara Korowlotny 360-396-2533Narrows P & R<BR />South Purdy P&R<BR />Naval Undersea Warfare Center-Keyport View Route
SpanawayJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:30am - 4:00pmJBLMDavid Lipscombdwlip@hotmail.com253-966-0550Walmart Supercenter<BR />Directorate of Logistics<BR />JBLM- Public Works BLDG (2012-2015) View Route
**SpanawayCamp Murray8:00am - 4:30pmWA National GuardAngela Foods<BR />WA Natl Guard BLDG 32<BR />WA NATL Guard BLDG 107 View Route
TACOMASeatac3:30am - 2:00pmTSAMichael Robbinsmdrobbie1@comcast.net360-870-0779South Federal Way P&R<BR />Sea Tac Cross Streets<BR />TSA - SeaTac Airport View Route
GrahamTacoma7:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaJim Dimondjimdimond@comcast.net253-988-7891Intermediate Stop<BR />Summit Trading<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma - Pub View Route
Fox IslandJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:00am - 4:30pmJBLMEric Roberge 253-968-2130Fred Meyer<BR />Madigan Medical<BR />JBLM - Madigan Army Medical Center View Route
TacomaRenton3:00pm - 11:00pmBoeingMauri Osterbergbearsmyboy@yahoo.com253-353-0301Parkland Transit Center<BR />Tacome Dome Station P&R<BR />Federal Way Transit Center<BR />Boeing View Route
LynnwoodDupont8:00am - 4:30pmState FarmRya Chasmarrya.chasmar.bqy0@statefarm.com253-912-6111South Federal Way P&R<BR />State Farm Insurance - Dupont View Route
Port OrchardTacoma7:30am - 4:00pmPropel InsuranceJulie Valley Julie Valleyjav@propelinsurance.com253-761-3217North Purdy Crescent<BR />Pick up Point<BR />Sound Credit Union<BR />Propl Insurance View Route
Gig HarborRenton5:30am - 2:30pmBoeingGerry Carlsongerard.p.carlson@boeing.com253-225-4118North Gig Harbor P&R<BR />Wal-Mart<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
PuyallupTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmPierce CountySue Wahlbergswahb1@co.pierce.wa.us253-798-6174Safeway<BR />Pierce County Corrections<BR />PIERCE COUNTY - COUNTY CITY BLDG<BR />PIERCE COUNTY FINANCE DEPT.<BR />PIERCE COUNTY COLUMBIA BANK BLDG View Route
**TacomaJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:00am - 4:30pmJBLMStephanie Smith 253-477-3013Alberston's<BR />Roy Y P&R<BR />JBLM- Public Works BLDG (2012-2015) View Route
PuyallupRenton5:00am - 1:30pmBoeingCheryl Boonecheryl.l.boone2@boeing.com206-200-8734South Hill P&R<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
BremertonTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaMamoru Wilkiemwilkie@cityoftacoma.org253-591-5808North Purdy Crescent<BR />City of Tacoma - County City Bldg View Route
GrahamTacoma7:30am - 4:00pmCity of TacomaBrenda Pencebpence@cityoftacoma.org253-502-8032Safeway<BR />Fred Meyer<BR />Safeway<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma Streets and <BR />City of Tacoma - TPU View Route
TacomaRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingJo Guinsataomariajosefina.e.guinsatao@boeing.com425-965-4719SOUTH FEDERAL WAY PARK AND RIDE<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
Gig HarborTacoma6:30am - 3:30pmSimpsonBob Purdy Crescent<BR />Kimball DR Park and Ride<BR />Narrows P&R<BR />West Rock View Route
SpanawayTacoma7:00am - 3:00pmPierce CountyScott Burdickslmybur@comcast.net253-677-3037Walgreen's<BR />Pierce County Sheriff<BR />Pierce County City Building<BR />Pierce County Correc View Route
LaceyLakewood7:30am - 4:00pmJBLMWalter Eaton 360-250-0821Martin WY P&R<BR />Madigan Medical<BR />BLdg 9580 View Route
LongbranchTacoma7:00am - 3:30pmDavitaBrynn Emerybrynn.emery@davita.com253-382-1972North Purdy Crescent<BR />DaVita - Tacoma View Route
PuyallupTukwila5:30am - 2:00pmBoeingJay Hinrichjay.l.hinrichs@boeing.com206-650-5950Jack in the Box<BR />Boeing-DC/Oxbow View Route
TacomaGig Harbor6:00am - 4:30pmPierce CountyScott Dodge 253-222-0052Pierce County Purdy View Route
Bonney LakeTacoma7:30am - 4:00pmCity of TacomaDennis Lightburndlightb@co.pierce.wa.us253-798-4218Bonney Lake North<BR />Tacoma Annex<BR />K-Mart<BR />Public Works View Route
ParklandKent5:30am - 2:30pmHexcelJon Pitchfordjon.pitchford@hexcel.com253-261-1176Safeway<BR />Hexcel View Route
PuyallupRenton4:30am - 1:00pmBoeingRon Tadena 206-370-2654Safeway<BR />Boeing Garden Plaza 10-16 View Route
**Bonney LakeTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaMickie Brownmickieb60@comcast.net253-229-3675Grocery Outlet<BR />Shell Station<BR />KMart<BR />County City Bldg.<BR />Pierce County - County City Bldg View Route
**University PlaceRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingBrian Randlesbrian.l.randles@boeing.com425-965-2617Home Depot<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
OlallaTacoma7:30am - 5:00pmCity of TacomaTim Glandon 253-591-5397North Purdy/Purdy Crescent P&R<BR />City of Tacoma - TMBN<BR />City of Tacoma-Municipal Bldg View Route
PuyallupTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaRobert Vancleave 253-223-1811City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
TacomaBremerton6:00am - 3:30pmPSNSHanh Nguyenthanhtuan0217@yahoo.com360-476-6252Intermediate Stop<BR />24 Hour Fitness<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
**PuyallupRenton7:00am - 3:30pmKaye Smith Business GraphicsJosh Reinajosh.reina@kayesmith.com253-820-8908South Hill P&R<BR />Kaye Smith Business Graphics View Route
**PuyallupBremerton7:00am - 4:30pmPSNSDarrel Dyerdarrel.dyer@navy.mil253-970-9530Narrows P&R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
**LakewoodTukwila5:30am - 2:00pmBoeingDavid LoeDave.Loe@boeing.com206-265-1330Home Depot<BR />Boeing-DC/Oxbow View Route
**Gig HarborTacoma7:00am - 3:30pmCity of TacomaTed Van Tuyltvantuyl@click-network.com253-502-8772Shell Station<BR />N. Purdy Crescent P&R<BR />City of Tacoma TPU<BR />Puget Sound Energy View Route
EdgewoodTukwila5:00am - 2:30pmBoeingJennifer Bishopjennifer.a.bishop@boeing.com206-662-3093SAFEWAY<BR />SOUTH FEDERAL WAY PARK AND RIDE<BR />Boeing Plant 2/NBF View Route
PuyallupRenton5:30am - 2:00pmBoeingRosanne Swinglerosanne.m.swingle@boeing.com425-965-3840Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
SpanawayTacoma7:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaEric Sheckesheck@cityoftacoma.org253-396-3316Intermediate Stop<BR />Fred Meyer<BR />Tacoma Public Utilit View Route
TacomaBellevue6:30am - 2:30pmExpediaJill Knaackjillkn@expedia.com425-679-3272Puget Sound Energy<BR /> - Bellevue View Route
Gig HarborJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:00am - 3:30pmJBLMSandra CarlsonSandra.l.carlson23.civ@mail.mil253-968-5164Bldg 9503<BR />BLDG 9510<BR />Bldg 9630<BR />JBLM - Madigan Army Medical Center View Route
Bonney LakeRenton5:30am - 2:00pmBoeingDan Munsondan.l.munson@boeing.com425-919-4286Albertson's<BR />Fred Meyer<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
LakewoodSeatac3:30am - 12:30pmTSALouann Washingtonlouannwash16@yahoo.com253-222-1275TSA - SeaTac Airport View Route
SpanawayJoint Base Lewis-McChord6:30am - 5:00pmJBLMEd Jaegeredward.j.jaeger2.civ@mail.mil253-966-0550Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Dept. of Defense Bldg 9580 View Route
TacomaMarysville7:00am - 3:30pmUS ArmyClemmon Stewartclemmon.stewart2.civ@mail.mil253-576-1283Redondo Heights Park and Ride<BR />Army Reserve Command View Route
LakewoodSeattle7:30am - 4:00pmVABill Staabwilliam.staab@va.gov206-579-4460Veterans Medical Center-Columbian Seattl View Route
SteilacoomTacoma8:00am - 5:00pmRegence Blue ShieldMarilyn ReidMarilyn.Reid@Regence.com800-505-6801Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Tacoma Municipal BLDG<BR />Cambia Health Solutions<BR />Regence Blue Shield View Route
OrtingRedmond7:00am - 3:30pmZetronKris Sorensenksorensen@zetron.com253-442-9532Auburn P&R<BR />South Renton P&R<BR />Zetron<BR /> Inc View Route
TacomaIssaquah6:30am - 3:30pmCostcoChris Jangardcjangard@costco.com425-416-4799Costco Wholesale<BR />costco Travel<BR />Costco Corporate Office View Route
Gig HarborAuburn6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingGlenn GoddardGlenn.R.Goddard@boeing.com360-830-6535Stop - Kimball DR P&R<BR />Stop - Narrows P&R<BR />Boeing - Auburn View Route
Gig HarborTacoma6:30am - 3:30pmCity of TacomaStan Chainschain@cityoftacoma.org253-208-7816Kimball DR P&R<BR />City of Tacoma-Center for Urban Waters<BR />City of Tacoma - Enviromental Services View Route
LaceyTacoma7:00am - 3:30pmCity of TacomaBill Davisbcdavis@ci.tacoma.wa.us253-502-8727Hawks Prairie P&R<BR />City of Tacoma - TPU View Route
**Gig HarborTukwila5:30am - 2:00pmBoeingBlake Bertrandblake.a.bertrand@boeing.com425-237-5118Purdy P&R<BR />North Gig Harbor P&R<BR />Boeing-DC/Oxbow View Route
**Port OrchardJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:00am - 4:30pmJBLMDennis Petersondennis.l.peterson8.civ@mail.mil360-710-3729Mullenix And Highway 16 P&R<BR />Kimball DR Park and Ride<BR />Fort Lewis DSW/OMAMC<BR />Fort Lewis Public Works BLDG 2045<BR />Fort Lewis - BLDG 2012<BR />Fort Lewis BLDG 1401 View Route
LakewoodFederal Way7:30am - 5:00pmWorld VisionKay Estvoldkestvold@worldvision.org253-815-2181First Baptist Church<BR />Davita Health Care Partners<BR /> Inc.<BR />World Vision View Route
South HillBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSCharles Hoenhouscharles.hoenhous@navy.mil253-302-6766Safeway<BR />Shilo Inn<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
SeattlePuyallup6:00am - 2:30pmSaint GobainThuy Pham 206-356-8718Fred Meyer<BR />Saint-Gobain Perform View Route
PuyallupRenton5:30am - 2:30pmBoeingJuan SosaJuan.R.Sosa@Boeing.Com253-217-2345Boeing Pre-Flight Bldg 508<BR />Boeing Renton Plant View Route
**EatonvilleTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaMike Graebermgraeber@ci.tacoma.wa.us253-377-1962Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Fred Meyer<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
Port OrchardTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaSteven Windenswinden@cityoftacoma.org253-381-8007Mullenix Road P&R<BR />Target<BR />Multicare/ Allenmore Hospital<BR />City of Tacoma TPU View Route
BuckleyAuburn3:00pm - 11:30pmBoeingDavid Heldstab 253-732-4368Safeway<BR />Boeing - Auburn View Route
BremertonTacoma6:00am - 4:30pmPropel InsuranceBeth Cainbeth.cain@propelinsurance.com253-761-3224Mullenix RD Park and Ride<BR />Kimball DR Park and Ride<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Propel Insurance View Route
TacomaBremerton3:30pm - 0:30amPSNSMonte Pimlottrmonte253@yahoo.com253-226-5586Safeway<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
LakewoodSeatac6:00am - 2:00pmBureau of PrisonsGeraldine Bowersgxbowers@bop.gov206-870-5713Federal Detention Center View Route
EatonvilleSeatac6:00am - 4:00pmBureau of PrisonsMicheal Georgem7george@bop.gov206-870-5705Roy Y P&R<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Federal Way/S 320th St P&R<BR />Yusen Logistics<BR />Federal Detention Center View Route
**GrahamTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaKathleen Fitzgeraldkfitzger@ci.tacoma.wa.us253-208-2834Key Bank<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
LakewoodSeatac2:00pm - 12:00amBureau of PrisonsShauna Caglescagle@bop.gov206-870-5700Federal Detention Center View Route
EnumclawTacoma7:30am - 4:00pmPropel InsuranceChristie SmithChristie.Smith@propelinsurance.com253-335-8460Bonney Lake (South) P&R<BR />Propel Insurance View Route
Gig HarborBremerton6:00am - 3:30pmPSNSBryan Kingbryan.k.king@navy.mil360-627-2353North Gig Harbor P&R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
GrahamTacoma7:00am - 4:30pmJBLMJean-pierre King<BR />JBLM Madigan Army Medical Center View Route
PuyallupIssaquah6:30am - 3:30pmCostcoBryan Shannonbshannon@costco.com425-313-8381South Hill P&R<BR />Costco Trading<BR />Costco Wholesale<BR /> Corporate View Route
AshfordLongmire8:00am - 4:30pmNational Park ServiceMarc Blackburnmarc_blackburn@nps.gov360-569-6576Intermediate Stop<BR />Mt Rainier Nat'l Park - Tahoma Woods<BR />Mt Rainier Nat'l Par View Route
TACOMATukwila6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingClay Egenesclay.h.egenes@boeing.com206-234-7679Boeing-Plant II View Route
GrahamTacoma7:00am - 3:30pmCity of TacomaJoe Elliotjelliott@cityoftacoma.org253-377-9357Fred Meyer<BR />Pierce County Public Works<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
Port OrchardFort Lewis7:30am - 4:00pmJBLMRobert Finley 253-968-5078North Gig Harbor P&R<BR />Madigan Bldg. 9040<BR />Winder Clinic Bldg. 9119<BR />Madigan BLDG 2008B View Route
**TacomaSeattle7:30am - 4:00pmVALevester Charleslevester.charles@va.gov206-764-2039Veterans Medical Center-Columbian Seattl View Route
EnumclawJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:00am - 3:00pmJBLMREGINALD BRYANTbreginald@yahoo.com253-970-6002Poodle Dog Restaurant<BR />JBLM - Madigan Army Medical Center View Route
SumnerRenton5:00am - 1:30pmBoeingKelly Mckee 253-439-9752Sumner Sounder Station<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
LakewoodSilverdale6:30am - 3:00pmPSNSTom FloraThomas.flora@navy.mil360-649-1780Walmart<BR />Mullenix And Highway 16 P&R<BR />IMF-Bangor View Route
TacomaSilverdale6:30am - 3:00pmPSNSVan Mullenix And Highway 16 P&R<BR />US Navy <BR />DPW Contractor<BR />US Naval - NAVFAC<BR />SWFPAC<BR />NSB Bangor Submarine SVC View Route
SumnerRenton4:00am - 1:00pmBoeingErik Rennererik.a.renner@boeing.com253-377-6861Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
Gig HarborBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSAlex DelgadoCheezedip_man@hotmail.com360-535-4218North Purdy Crescent<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
PuyallupSeattle7:00am - 6:00pmJBLMTracy Cutlertracy.l.cutler2.civ@mail.mil206-971-3691US Army Corps - Federal Center South View Route
PuyallupBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSJohn Kralovicjjkk3214@msn.com253-298-2953South Tacoma East -1 P&R<BR />Narrows P&R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
LakewoodSeaTac11:00am - 11:30pmTSAMarie Shubertmarie.greer@dhs.gov775-636-0761Tacoma Dome Station<BR />TSA View Route
PuyallupSeatac2:00pm - 10:00pmBureau of PrisonsRobert Napierrnapier@bop.gov253-377-9874Federal Detention Center View Route
Gig HarborSeatac6:00am - 2:00pmBureau of PrisonsRobert Wrightrmwright@bop.gov206-870-5798North Purdy Crescent<BR />Kimball Drive Park and Ride<BR />Federal Detention Center View Route
South HillBothell6:00am - 2:30pmHomeland SecurityLeo Porrasleonardo.porrasjr@fema.dhs.gov425-615-5288Auburn Park and Ride<BR />Dept. Of Homeland Security View Route
Gig HarborDupont8:00am - 4:30pmState FarmTyce Gummowtyce.gummow.pd3j@statefarm.com253-912-7123Kimball DR P&R<BR />Center Street Park and Ride<BR />State Farm Insurance - Dupont View Route
Gig HarborDes Moines6:00am - 2:30pmFAAJoe Brookejoseph.b.brooke@faa.gov206-305-4444North Gig Harbor P&R<BR />FAA View Route
Gig HarborRenton5:30am - 2:30pmBoeingJoely Dahljoely.d.dahl@boeing.com425-965-3609Kimball Drive Park and Ride<BR />Boeing Garden Plaza<BR />Boeing Garden Plaza 10-16 View Route
OlympiaTacoma8:00am - 5:00pmCenter for Urban WatersBecky Deboerbecky.deboer@psp.wa.gov360-999-3804City of Tacoma - Center for Urban Waters View Route
PuyallupSeattle5:00am - 1:30pmBoeingDavid Carpenterdavid.h.carpenter2@gmail.com253-348-9955Boeing - Plant 2 View Route
TacomaDes Moines6:00am - 2:30pmFAARene Tovarrene.tovar@faa.gov425-381-3460FW Transit Center<BR />FAA View Route
PuyallupTukwila5:30am - 2:00pmBoeingDanielle Failledanielle.j.faille@gmail.com253-441-8022ALBERTSON'S<BR />Boeing<BR /> 14-01 View Route
TacomaBremerton6:00am - 4:00pmPSNSIan Mcdowellrobert.i.mcdowell@navy.mil360-627-4285Kimball DR Park and Ride<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard View Route
Gig Harbor 7:30am - 4:30pmNippon DynawaveJo Klempanjklempan@worldvision.org253-815-2628Worldvision<BR />International Paper<BR />Nippon Dynawave Packing View Route
PuyallupRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingJeffrey - Renton Plant View Route
PuyallupRenton3:00pm - 11:30pmBoeingGilbert Phuonggilbert.s.phuong@boeing.com253-224-9615The Ram Restaurant<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
PuyallupRenton2:30pm - 11:00pmBoeingAdam Baydoadam.p.baydo@boeing.com253-341-7336Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
PuyallupAuburn6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingRoland Brown 253-218-5546Safeway<BR />Albertsons<BR />Boeing - Auburn View Route
TacomaLakewood8:30am - 5:00pmPierce TransitKaren Hendersonkahenderson@piercetransit.org253-581-8008Intermadiate Stop<BR />Intermadiate Stop<BR />South Tacoma - East Park and Ride<BR />Pierce Transit - Lakewood View Route
**TacomaIssaquah6:30am - 3:30pmCostcoJames Glaserjglaser@costco.com253-405-8247Costco View Route
SpanawayRenton6:30am - 3:00pmKenworthRobert Huntleygame-hunter@comcast.net253-686-4348South Hill P&R<BR />Kenworth Trucking Co View Route
TacomaBremerton6:00am - 3:00pmPSNSJohn Cotterjohn.r.cotter@navy.mil206-383-5614Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
AuburnRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingBarb Underwoodbarbara.j.underwood@boeing.com206-662-1720Top Food<BR />Boeing Garden Plaza<BR />Boeing- Garden Plaza View Route
TacomaSeatac1:30pm - 12:00amTSAFred Zielkefredzielke@yahoo.com253-355-2333Port Of Seattle<BR />TSA - SeaTac Airport View Route
SumnerEverett6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingThomas Hammondthomas.a.hammond@boeing.com425-358-0171Boeing - Everett View Route
**GrahamJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:00am - 4:30pmJBLMMitch Hayesmitchell.r.hayes2.civ@mail.mil253-966-1744Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Fort Lewis BLDG 2012<BR />BLDG 2054 View Route
BremertonTacoma6:00am - 4:30pmWA National GuardWarren Park <BR />Target<BR />WA NATL Guard BKDG 32<BR />WA NATL Guard BLDG 109 View Route
**PuyallupRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingAmanda Schiemeramanda.m.schiemer@boeing.com253-579-8620South Hill P&R<BR />Boeing View Route
TacomaSeaTac8:00pm - 4:30amTSAJaWann HowardJawann.howard@dhs.gov206-551-6152Port of Seattle - SeaTac Airport View Route
TacomaRenton5:00am - 1:30pmBoeingCharles Whitecharles.i.white@boeing.com425-965-5827Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
**University PlaceTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaMark Bozleembozlee@cityoftacoma.org253-573-2549Intermeidiate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />COT - Tacoma Public Utilities<BR />COT - Center for Urb View Route
Gig HarborJoint Base Lewis-McChord6:30am - 4:30pmJBLMStephen Purdy Crescent P&R<BR />JBLM - Madigan Army Medical Center View Route
LakewoodSeaTac6:30am - 3:00pmVAEric Moreeric.more@va.gov206-965-3617VA GSA Complex View Route
LakewoodSeattle7:30am - 4:00pmVADeborah Smithdeborah.smith5@va.gov206-716-5783VA Medical Center View Route
**LakewoodGig Harbor1:00pm - 11:00pmDept of CorrectionsJulius Moorejkmoore@doc1.wa.gov253-439-7407Safeway<BR />Vanpool Destination View Route
ParklandTacoma7:30am - 4:00pmPropel InsuranceLori StoneLori.Stone@Propelinsurance.com253-761-3234U-Haul Moving & Storage<BR />Propel Insurance View Route
SumnerRenton7:00am - 4:00pmAlliance PackagingKim Ehrenheimkehrenheim@alliancepackaging.net425-291-3427Alliance Packaging<BR />Baden Sports View Route
SumnerEverett2:30pm - 11:00pmBoeingRick Baker 253-224-9140Jack in the Box<BR />WinCo<BR />Boeing Everett View Route
GrahamTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaSummer Powellspowell@cityoftacoma.org253-502-8588Safeway<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
Gig HarborDes Moines6:00am - 3:30pmFAABryan "Ed" Millsed.mills@faa.gov206-231-3515Gig Harbor Fire Station #56<BR />Target<BR />Alliance Church<BR />FAA - Des Moines View Route
University PlaceBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSJohnny Cornelisonjohnny.johnson-corne@navy.mil253-448-1309Narrows P&R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
**PuyallupRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingMichael "Jerry" McDonaldmichael.j.mcdonald@boeing.com425-234-6942South Hill P&R<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
University PlaceBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSJohn Glennjohn.c.glenn@navy.mil360-476-9441Narrows P&R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
ChehalisFort Lewis7:00am - 4:30pmJBLMKevin Creek Lumber Co<BR />Public Works Env. Center<BR />BLDG 2026<BR />BLDG 2055<BR />Fort Lewis - Bldg 2063 View Route
RochesterLa Grande7:00am - 3:30pmCity of TacomaRandy Stearnesrstearne@ci.tacoma.wa.us253-502-8224Burger King<BR />Barny's Corner<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma - Nisqually River Project View Route
FircrestBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSThomas HenryTHOMAS.A.HENRY@NAVY.MIL360-476-3154James Center<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
SumnerKent5:30am - 2:30pmHexcelCandise Jamescandise.james@hexcel.com253-332-4630Sumner Station<BR />Hexcel View Route
OlympiaTacoma7:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaMichael Allenmallen@cityoftacoma.org253-396-3126Hawks Prairie Park and Ride<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
OlympiaBothell6:00am - 2:30pmHomeland SecurityLeroy Tagavillaleroy.tagavilla@fema.dhs.gov425-381-1543South Federal Way P&R<BR />Dept. Of Homeland Security View Route
PuyallupIssaquah6:00am - 2:30pmCostcoTyree Stewarttstewart@costco.com253-592-5053Costco Corporate<BR />Costco Regional Office<BR />Costco B3<BR />Costco Corporation Travel View Route
South HillTacoma7:30am - 4:30pmDavitaYelena Babinyelena.babin@davita.com253-382-1769Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />DaVita - Tacoma View Route
Gig HarborAuburn6:30am - 3:00pmBoeingTodd Rosenbaumlogdesignnw@yahoo.com253-212-7563Boeing - Auburn View Route
SpanawayKent6:00am - 2:30pmHexcelBilly CarpenterBilly.Carpenter@hexcel.com253-261-6773Foursquare Church<BR />South Hill P&R<BR />Sumner Station<BR />Peasley Canyon P&R<BR />Hexcel View Route
PuyallupRenton5:00am - 1:30pmBoeingJennifer Macieljennifer.a.maciel@boeing.com360-761-2382Boeing Renton View Route
TacomaSeaTac11:30am - 10:00pmTSATouch Ley 253-468-1340Tacoma Dome Station<BR />Vanpool Destination View Route
Bonney LakeRedmond4:30am - 3:00pmMicrosoftChad Eganv-chegan@microsoft.com425-209-7444WINCO<BR />Microsoft - Main Campus View Route
Gig HarborDupont7:00am - 3:30pmState FarmCarissa Linnanecarissa.linnane.ksf0@statefarm.com855-701-4178Kimball DR Park and Ride<BR />State Farm Insurance - Dupont View Route
PuyallupRenton11:00pm - 6:00amBoeingSteve Tilkaastralryder1@yahoo.com253-235-1318Shari's Restaurant<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
TACOMASeattle6:30am - 3:00pmUSACEVincent Army Corps - Federal Center South View Route
TACOMARenton2:30pm - 11:30pmBoeingJamie Daytonjamie.l.dayton@boeing.com425-965-9130Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
TacomaRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingMichael Hillmichael.a.hill4@boeing.com253-228-7122Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
BothellJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:00am - 4:30pmJBLMJames Sailerjames.a.sailer.civ@mail.mil425-327-7354Kingsgate P&R<BR />Newport Hills P&R<BR />Star Lake P&R<BR />Camp Murray Bldg. 33<BR />Camp Murray Bldg 36<BR />Camp Murray Bldg. 107<BR />Camp Murray Bldg 25<BR />WA NATL Guard BLDG 118<BR />Fort Lewis BLDG 1401 View Route
Gig HarborRenton5:00am - 1:30pmBoeingJack Kuiphoffjack.Kuiphoff@boeing.com360-434-4942Kimball DR P&R<BR />Narrows P&R<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
PuyallupIssaquah7:30am - 5:00pmCostcoDarlene Crottydcrotty@costco.com425-427-3939Costco<BR />Auburn P&R<BR />Costco Corporate Office View Route
**TacomaSilverdale6:00am - 3:30pmUS NavyAndy McCormickedward.a.mccormick@navy.mil360-396-1521N Purdy/Purdy Crescent P&R<BR />Mullenix P&R<BR />LOCKHEED MARTIN 6401<BR />LOCKHEED MARTIN 6402<BR />SWFPAC-6401<BR />SWFPAC-6402 View Route
TacomaTacoma8:00am - 4:00pmCity of TacomaMichael Stampermstamper@ci.tacoma.wa.us253-886-4828City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
TacomaMonroe2:00pm - 10:00pmDept of CorrectionsMatt Braithwaitemebraithwaite@doc1.wa.gov253-227-5199Star Lake P&R<BR />WA Dept. of Corrections View Route
Gig HarborDes Moines6:00am - 2:30pmFAACasey Brownecasey.browne@faa.gov425-227-2274Kimball Drive Park and Ride<BR />Tacoma Alliance Church<BR />FAA Des Moines View Route
ParklandBremerton6:00am - 4:00pmPSNSVENA WARDVENA.WARD@NAVY.MIL503-504-116676 Station<BR />Intermadiate Stop<BR />SHILO INN<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
FircrestBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSShane Hallshaneishere@yahoo.com360-689-5613Narrows Park and Ride<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
PuyallupSeattle2:30pm - 11:30pmBoeingMike Kilfoylemichael.p.kilfoyle@boeing.com253-581-8000Fred Meyer<BR />Boeing Flight<BR />Boeing - Plant 2 View Route
**TACOMAShoreline6:00am - 4:30pmWSDOTCole ZachariasZacharC@WSDOT.WA.GOV206-440-4373WSDOT - Northwest Region Headquarters View Route
Federal WayRedmond5:00am - 4:00pmGenieCheryl Hardencheryl.harden@terex.com425-497-6794South Federal Way PR<BR />Genie Industries<BR />Genie Industries - HUB View Route
TacomaSeaTac1:30pm - 12:00amTSAJeffrey Olsonjeffrey.olson1@dhs.gov253-820-8080Federal WAy/ S 320th P&R<BR />TSA View Route
**TacomaTacoma7:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaJustin Angovejangove@cityoftacoma.org253-307-1717Intermadiate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
LakewoodSeatac12:00pm - 11:00pmTSAJennifer Estaciojennifer.estacio@tsa.dhs.gov206-694-9012TSA - SeaTac Airport View Route
Port OrchardTacoma7:00am - 3:30pmCity of TacomaYefim Strupinskiyystrupin@ci.tacoma.wa.us253-404-6921Purdy Crescent P&R<BR />Safeway<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma Enviromental Services<BR />City of Tacoma Center for Urban Waters View Route
MiltonRedmond7:00am - 3:00pmHoneywellClay Krugerclay.kruger@honeywell.com253-970-0492Star Lake Park and Ride<BR />Honeywell - Redmond View Route
MarysvilleFife6:00am - 3:30pmAssociated MaterialsJon WhiteSnowflake8961@aol.com425-750-1428Marysville park and ride<BR />Vanpool Destination View Route
Gig HarborSeattle7:00am - 3:30pmRussell InvestmentsRoger Ellestadrellestad@russellinvestments.com206-505-4591Kimball Drive Park and Ride<BR />Russell Investments - Seattle View Route
TacomaKeyport6:00am - 4:00pmUS NavyDebra Simmsdebra.simms@navy.mil360-315-3834Kimball DR P&R<BR />Naval Undersea Warfare Center-Keyport View Route
PuyallupBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSStephen Murphystephen.r.murphy@navy.mil360-710-9107Safeway<BR />Albertsons<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
PuyallupRenton5:00am - 1:30pmBoeingAlan Mortimeralan.d.mortimer@boeing.com253.359.4547South Hill P&R<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
**ChehalisLakewood7:30am - 4:00pmPierce TransitJason Hovdejhovde@piercetransit.org253-589-6371Starbucks<BR />Martin Way Park and Ride<BR />Pierce Transit - Lakewood View Route
** Lakewood6:00am - 2:30pmPierce TransitLynne Cunninghamlcunningham@piercetransit.org253-983-3321Starbucks<BR />Martin Way Park and Ride<BR />Pierce Transit - Lakewood View Route
PuyallupRenton3:00pm - 11:00pmBoeingED JACKSONedward.r.jackson@boeing.com253-273-2158Safeway<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
SumnerIssaquah7:00am - 4:00pmCostcoGerry Walters 425-416-5467Haagen<BR />NAES Corporation<BR />Costco Wholesale<BR /> B3<BR />COSTCO WHOLESALE BLDG 6 View Route
TacomaDes Moines6:00am - 3:30pmFAAJames Vogtjames.vogt@faa.gov206-231-3918South Hill P&R<BR />FAA View Route
TacomaBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSRich Kolasinskibookkeeper1069@gmail.com360-340-5122TCC P&R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
SumnerRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingAndrew Merwinamerwin724@gmail.com253-732-7953Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
LakewoodGig Harbor6:00am - 2:30pmDept of CorrectionsRoger Afalavarjafalava@doc1.wa.gov253-223-8698Narrows P&R<BR />WA Dept. of Corrections View Route
TacomaSpanaway7:30am - 4:00pmPierce CountyEddie Partchlinedog9@yahoo.com253-798-6000Lowe's<BR />Central Maint. Facil View Route
Federal WayJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:00am - 4:30pmJBLMGlen Templetonglen.e.templeton.civ@mail.mil253-468-2442South Tacoma West<BR />Fort Lewis<BR />JBLM<BR />JBLM View Route
Gig HarborBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSTimothy Josephtimothy.joseph@navy.mil253-225-0094Subway<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
PuyallupDes Moines6:00am - 2:30pmFAAPatricia Martinpatricia.martin@faa.gov206-231-4010FAA View Route
SpanawayBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSPhillipp Cranephillipp.crane@navy.mil360-476-6769Shilo Inn<BR />Narrows P&R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
Port OrchardTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaMatthew Ricksmrbronco44@hotmail.com253-720-0309North Purdy/Purdy Crscent P&R<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
PuyallupIssaquah8:00am - 5:00pmCostcoPreston Schubkegelpschubkegel@costco.com425-313-6113Ram & Big Horn Brewery<BR />Costco Wholesale View Route
TACOMARedmond6:00am - 2:30pmNintendoMathew Schmoeckelv-mathsc@microsoft.com253.222.0755Icertis<BR />Microsoft Bldg. 11<BR />Nintendo Redmond View Route
SpanawayRenton6:30am - 3:00pmBoeingJenny Denningjenny.s.denning@boeing.com206-662-2036Lakewood Sounder Station<BR />Boeing Garden Plaza View Route
Bonney LakeJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:30am - 4:30pmJBLMAndrew Stoutandrew.h.stout2.civ@mail.mil253-968-6251Bonney Lake South P&R<BR />WinCo<BR />South Hill Park and Ride<BR />JBLM - Madigan Army Medical Center View Route
EatonvilleTacoma7:30am - 4:00pmPropel InsuranceCarrie Smithcarrie.smith@propelinsurance.com253-229-0328South Hill Park and Ride<BR />Propel Insurance View Route
FircrestSilverdale8:00am - 4:00pmUS NavyStephanie Sleemanstephanie.sleeman@navy.mil360-396-0023NARROWS PARK AND RIDE<BR />Target<BR />US NAVY<BR />NSB BANGOR View Route
South HillLakewood7:00am - 4:00pmPierce TransitLonnie Salzberglonnie.salzberg@comcast.net253-405-9001Intermadiate Stop<BR />Frederickson Elementary School<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Safeway<BR />Pierce Transit - Lakewood View Route
SumnerRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingLadawn Salyersladawn.d.salyers@boeing.com253-332-6280Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
Gig HarborJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:00am - 4:30pmJBLMShawn Seaksshawn.g.seaks.naf@mail.mil253-967-8012Kimball P & R<BR />JBLM Bldg 2012 View Route
Bonney LakeJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:00am - 4:00pmJBLMJuliana Wirenjuliana.b.wiren2.civ@mail.mil253-968-2543South Hill P&R<BR />JBLM - Madigan Army Medical Center View Route
PuyallupBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSBenjamin Williamsafatbass@gmail.com360-600-9221Kmart<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
Gig HarborTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmPropel InsuranceMichelle Savagemichelle.savage@propelinsurance.com253-310-4096Kimball Park and Ride<BR />Propel Insurance View Route
University PlaceTacoma7:00am - 3:30pmCity of TacomaJames Strivensjstrivens@cityoftacoma.org253-312-2853Lefty's Burger Shack<BR />City of Tacoma - Enviromental View Route
LakebayBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSChaz Burtonchaz.burton@navy.mil360-476-2355Waypoint Church<BR />Albertson's<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
Gig HarborKent8:00am - 4:30pmREICheri Thompsonchthomp@rei.com253-437-2874McDonalds<BR />REI - Kent View Route
Gig HarborSeattle6:00am - 3:30pmUS Coast GuardRyan Hoperyan.j.hope@uscg.mil253-589-6899North Gig Harbor P&R<BR />Auburn P&R<BR />WinCo<BR />US Coast Guard-Alaskan Way View Route
PuyallupJoint Base Lewis-McChord6:30am - 4:00pmJBLMDonald Newlinwgd610@msn.com203-809-5354JBLM - Madigan Army Medical Center View Route
TacomaRenton5:00am - 1:30pmBoeingDonald Denisondonald.g.denison@boeing.com253-576-4669Boeing View Route
LakewoodSeatac4:30am - 1:00pmTSASymone Mancesmance@yahoo.com253-468-6514TSA - SeaTac Airport View Route
PuyallupRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingDavid Jonesdavid.w.jones11@boeing.com253-431-7229Ram & Big Horn Brewing<BR />PACCAR Inc<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
PuyallupRenton5:00am - 1:30pmBoeingMichael Millerpdimyonghui@hotmail.com253-548-7716South Hill P&R<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
TacomaTukwila6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingTyler Pomeroytyler.pomeroy@boeing.com425-234-9317Federal Way Transit Center<BR />Boeing Customer Ctr<BR />Boeing 14-01 View Route
**PuyallupSeatac6:00am - 2:00pmBureau of PrisonsBradley Lieblbeliebl@hotmail.com253-363-0278Federal Detention Center View Route
RoySeattle5:30am - 3:00pmUSACEVictor Army Corps - Federal Center South View Route
TacomaTacoma7:30am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaDarrell Carreaudcarreau@cityoftacoma.org253-377-1880Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
SumnerEverett5:30am - 2:00pmBoeingBrian Cooperbrian.g.cooper3@boeing.com253-347-6983South Renton Park and Ride<BR />Boeing - Everett View Route
**PuyallupTukwila5:30am - 2:00pmBoeingKevin PeckKevin.j.peck@boeing.com206-459-6927Safeway<BR />Boeing DC/OXBOW View Route
**TacomaEverett5:00am - 2:00pmBoeingDouglas Knightdouglas.knight@boeing.com253-278-7545South Federal Way Park and Ride<BR />Boeing - Everett View Route
TacomaRenton6:30am - 3:00pmKenworthRobert Terwilliger 253-925-8928South Federal Way PR<BR />Kenworth Truck - Renton View Route
PuyallupSeatac6:00am - 2:00pmBureau of PrisonsDavid Mckeeverdmckeever@bop.gov253-861-4976Denny's<BR />Federal Detention Center View Route
PuyallupRenton6:30am - 3:00pmKenworthTodd OlsonTodd.Olson@PACCAR.com253-249-1800Fred Meyer<BR />Kenworth Truck View Route
SumnerRenton5:00am - 1:30pmBoeingVickie Walkervickie.l.walker@boeing.com253-297-7144Christ the King Lutheran Church<BR />Boeing View Route
PuyallupPuyallup7:00am - 1:30pmVANSHAREAngela Frickangelad@housing4seniors.com253-231-5034Puyallup Sounder Station View Route
LakewoodSeattle7:30am - 4:00pmVAHerbert "danny" Jonesherbert.jones2@va.gov253-583-1094VA - Medical Center<BR />VA- Dept of Veterans Affair View Route
Federal WayEverett6:00am - 3:30pmBoeingKevin Puterbaughkevin.puterbaugh@boeing.com425-237-7007Star Lake P&R<BR />Boeing - Everett View Route
GrahamTacoma7:00am - 3:30pmCity of TacomaBrenda Harris 253-589-6899Intermediate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma - Enviromental View Route
ParklandBremerton6:30am - 3:30pmPSNSRobert Bowenrobert.w.bowen1@navy.mil360-476-8906Parkland Transit Center<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
PuyallupSeattle6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingDanny Clydeffclyde@yahoo.com253-561-3431Sumner Sounder Station<BR />Boeing Flight Operations View Route
PuyallupRenton5:30am - 2:00pmBoeingDennis Boykin 253-961-5206South Hill P&R<BR />Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
TacomaSeattle5:30am - 2:00pmStarbucksChristian LarinXian1717@gmail.com8184276386Starbucks Corp Office View Route
**SummitTacoma7:30am - 4:00pmCity of TacomaLawrence "Larry" CriswellLCriswel@ci.tacoma.wa.us253-591-5787South Hill P&R<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma - Center for Urban Waters<BR />City of Tacoma-Municipal Bldg View Route
YelmTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaCynthia DimondCDimond@ci.tacoma.wa.us253-502-8011Wal-Mart<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
**OrtingRenton6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingJohn Hasekjohn.hasek@paccar.com425-254-4019WinCo Foods<BR />Boeing<BR />PACCAR<BR /> INC View Route
SpanawayTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmPropel InsuranceCasondra Mossutocm@propelinsurance.com253-761-3454Safeway<BR />Safeway<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Propel Insurance View Route
TACOMASeattle7:30am - 4:00pmUSACESuzanne Berger Marine<BR />Army Corp of Enginee View Route
TacomaBremerton7:00pm - 4:00pmPSNSStephen GoodnightStephen.Goodnight@navy.mil253-882-8673Narrows P&R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
**TACOMARenton6:30am - 3:30pmKaiser PermanenteGeri Bouchergeri.a.boucher@kp.org206-630-1110Kaiser Permanente View Route
PuyallupJoint Base Lewis-McChord7:00am - 4:30pmJBLMRachel HannahRachel.l.hannah2.civ@mail.mil253-968-2555Sprinker Recreation Center<BR />JBLM - Madigan Army Medical Center View Route
PuyallupSnoqualmie6:00am - 4:30pmPSEGuy Elms 253-606-8865Puget Sound Energy View Route
PuyallupBremerton6:30am - 5:30pmDefense LogisticsTerrence Rayterrence.ray@navy.mil360-476-0028Defense Logistics Agency View Route
PuyallupIssaquah5:00am - 3:00pmCostcoBryce Daviesbrycedavies@costco.com425-416-2332Costco Corporate Office View Route
TacomaTacoma7:30am - 5:00pmCity of TacomaMatt Fuemmelermfuemmeler@ci.tacoma.wa.us253-502-8288City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
PuyallupSeatac6:00am - 2:30pmBoeingBrad Averybrad.e.avery@boeing.com206-544-3264Safeway<BR />Boeing Spares View Route
**GrahamAuburn6:30am - 3:00pmBoeingWalter Allenwalter.w.allen@boeing.com253-841-3808Safeway<BR />Albertsons<BR />Wal-Mart<BR />Jason's Restaurant<BR />Boeing - Auburn View Route
TacomaSeaTac12:00pm - 8:30pmTSALeoni Uncangcooni.uncangco@gmail.com702-337-6916Tacoma Dome Station<BR />Federal Way/S 320th St P&R<BR />TSA View Route
PuyallupRenton5:00am - 1:30pmBoeingDennis Beshears 206-430-3767Boeing - Renton Plant View Route
**TacomaTacoma7:00am - 3:30pmCity of TacomaCory Josephcjoseph@cityoftacoma.org253-404-6925Intermediate Stop<BR />intermediate Stop<BR />City of Tacoma - Enviromental View Route
**OlympiaTacoma8:00am - 4:30pmCity of TacomaDenise Ostserdoster@cityoftacoma.org253-396-3372Shopko<BR />City of Tacoma-Public Utility View Route
**LakewoodTacoma5:30am - 4:30pmDavitaMelissa Janzenmelissa.janzen@davita.com253-212-3273Intermadiate Stop<BR />Lakewood Towne Center<BR />DaVita - Tacoma View Route
Lakeland SouthTacoma7:30am - 5:00pmPropel InsurancePatti Gradelpatti.gradel@propelinsurance.com253-761-3466Federal WAy/ S 320th P&R<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Intermediate Stop<BR />Propel Insurance View Route
TacomaSeattle6:00am - 4:30pmWashington National GuardMiah Way Transit Center<BR />Washington National Guard View Route
TacomaSeattle6:30am - 3:00pmArmy Corp of EngineersHo Stop<BR />Redondo Heights Park and Ride<BR />US Army Corps - Federal Center South View Route
EdgewoodSeattle6:30am - 3:00pmArmy Corp of EngineersVelvet Way Transit Center<BR />US Army Corps - Federal Center South View Route
TacomaSeatac3:30am - 12:30pmTSAChristopher Hudkins 253-880-7609TSA - SeaTac Airport View Route
**PuyallupSeattle6:00am - 2:30pmArmy Corp of EngineersGlenn<BR />Federal WAy/ S 320th P&R<BR />US Army Corps - Federal Center South View Route
**VaughnTacoma7:30am - 4:00pmCity of TacomaBert Kinzelrkinzel@cityoftacoma.org253-502-2207Parking Lot<BR />North Gig Harbor P&R<BR />Food Mart<BR />City of Tacoma - Center for Urban Waters View Route
PuyallupBremerton7:00am - 4:00pmPSNSBarry O'brienbarry.j.o'brien@navy.mil360-979-8381Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
TacomaSeatac3:00am - 1:00pmTSAQuintella Seelyquintella.seely@tsa.dhs.gov206-214-9304Federal Way Transit Center<BR />TSA - SeaTac Airport View Route
TacomaBremerton6:00am - 4:00pmPSNSLance Nelsonlance.b.nelson@navy.mil253-983-3321Narrows P&R<BR />Puget Sound Naval Shipyard-Bremerton View Route
LakewoodSeatac6:00am - 2:00pmFederal Detention CenterEric Cogerecogger@bop.gov253-861-0303Federal Detention Center View Route
TacomaRenton5:30am - 2:00pmBoeingJoel Vogtjoel.w.vogt@boeing.com206-409-5834Boeing - Renton Plant View Route